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Do you have a tutorial for this one?


here you go~

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good luck, friend. i’m sorry to hear this affects you. i’m not sure if you have anything to help treat it, but i’ve found that lotion and n over the counter hydrocoritsone cream can help make the skin less dry and irritated. i hope that helps! ._.

I go through a giant tub of moisturizer a month, and I do have some prescription lotion to help treat it. It’s just that the sores still take a while to heal, so I have to suffer for a few days before I can move my fingers normally again >.<

Thanks for the advice though!

Passiflora Ornata with Spirals designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

I had some old washi lying around and I didn’t have enough of it for a full kusudama so I just made a set of these~

You wouldn’t think that there’s a condition that makes it difficult to do origami, but there is.

I have eczema, which means my skin gets very dry and very itchy, so that when I scratch the skin literally peels off.

Recently I had a flare on my fingers so now I can’t even bend my fingers without stinging.

It sucks TT^TT

Flore Pleno designed by Natalia Romanenko

Double post today because of how long I’ve been missing >.<. The pieces have a fascinating linkage and structure that I still don’t fully understand O.O

Duo Flower designed by Maria Sinayskaya

I’m back guys! I decided to redo the model with kami because of the disaster it was with the foil, so here the folds are much more crisp~

Taking a quick 5 day hiatus because homework is a bitch.

Srsly my physics teacher is pretty much making us learn physics over the summer.

Also boring World War I books are boring.

To tide you over until the next post, here is a picture of a cute penguin:

Ball of Roses v2 designed by Valentina Minayeva


Kusudama Electra designed by Thomas Hull (30 pcs) Instructions

Roses designed by JAMRA ([3+5+7]*12 pcs) Instructions

Leaves and Rosebuds designed by MaryBond (12 pentagons, 20 squares) Instructions

I feel so proud of this one…took me nearly a month to finish too


Backlit 5 by 4 Tessellation designed by Eric Gjerde

Doing this was a blast from the past for me XD