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A Dollar Butterfly designed by me

I was fiddling around with Michael Lafosse’s butterfly system during a boring driver’s ed and this was the result~

A Butterfly for Guy Kawasaki designed by Michael Lafosse

I’m going to be working through Lafosse’s book, so expect some more of these over the next couple weeks or so!

A Butterfly for Robert Lang designed by Michael Lafosse

I just got a shipment of Chiri paper and dang it looks amazing with the butterflies. 

Sonobe Variation designed by Irina Reutskaya and Maria Vahrusheva

Reverse Engineered

This the first thing I’ve been able to fold without a diagram *^*

Karmillen designed by Irina Krivyakina

I spent an hour just trying to fit in the last damn piece, which will go down as one of the most rage moments I have ever had folding paper.

That moment when you spend nearly an hour just fitting that last damn piece

Do you have any suggestions for any models that look good with brown or grey paper? I always get variety color packs and have neutral colors left over.

Hmm usually as long as the colors coordinate the kusudama comes out looking pretty nice.

I suggest the Kamillen designed by Irina Kriviyakina (Instructions)

Some other kusudamas that look great with just about any colors are the

Amaryllis designed by Miyuki Kawamura (Instructions)

Taj Mahal designed by Valentina Minayeva (Instructions)

Bascetta Star designed by Paolo Bascetta (Instructions)

Hope that helps!

One more though! Do you get really angry if you ever use cheapo paper for a project or do you try and get the best quality paper from the start? Ever do drafts?

To be honest back when I was starting out I was using paper that came in packages of a gajillion different colors and it irked me that I couldn’t make organized looking projects. Nowadays I use paper that I know is good because I’ve ordered it before. 

I have some leftover crappy paper from Michael’s that I sometimes use to practice making units before I use some of the nicer paper. With the roses I always use my cheap folia before using tant, which can get pretty pricey.

If I’m using the really fancy stuff like the foil I always practice on simpler, cheaper paper first. When you start to overcrease paper it becomes really difficult to use and the resulting module isn’t as stiff as it should be.

maybe i'm late for the blitz but i'd like to try anyway: how are you? what do you do when your hands are tired from folding? how long do you usually take when doing a project? where do you get all that paper? do you crease using your nail or just your fingertip? how do you get such clean creases anyway? what is your opinion about precreasing things? do you get tired of making all the units for the modular origami? is it raining where you live? do you ever get papercuts?

Whoa so many O.O

1. I’m a bit sleepy but hey it’s been a good day so I’m happy.

2. Depends on the project—the one sheet origami usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. The kusudamas take me around 3-4 days now because I have work and I have problems focusing on one project at a time XD

3. I get most of my paper from PaperJade because free shipping is glorious.

4. I mostly crease with my nails, but sometimes they get worn out in which case I use my fingertips.

5. The creases are pretty clean if you just try to be as precise as possible and reinforce them hard with either your nails or your fingertips. I’m going to invest in a bone folder at some point, which can also help create nicer creases.

6. Precreasing is really really important. Honestly it seems like a hassle in the beginning but once you start collapsing things it’s a lifesaver.

7. I never really get tired it’s just I have a short attention span when it comes to projects so I’ll be making 3-4 kusudamas at once.

8. It’s been raining for the past two days and it’s making me more sleepy than usual =.=

9. Hmm I don’t really get papercuts. It’s just I have eczema, which can make the skin on my fingers pretty raw if I don’t treat it properly. 

Hope that covers all your questions!