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Hey guys!

This has been a long time in coming, and in celebration of the fact that I hit 1600 followers I’m doing another giveaway~

Prizes up for grabs:

  • 1 Kusudama of choice from the 9 shown above
  • 4 Rainbow Sets of Tsuru Roses

Rules for the giveaway

  • Those who do not follow me will not be eligible for the kusudama prize, but can win a set of tsuru roses
  • Reblog as many times as you like
  • Likes are entries for the tsuru roses, not the grand prize kusudama
  • If you do enter, please make sure you have your ask open so I can contact you and are comfortable with giving me your address to ship to (I’ll ship anywhere USPS does) (I’ll ship week of May 3)
  • Entries close April 30th

Good luck and thanks for following me on my paper adventures!

I promised you guys, and it’s coming today O.O

Cassiopeia designed by Uniya Filonova

Been a while since I finished a kusudama in one day~

After dinner one night I found some plastic wrap that was relatively clean so I decided to make a crane out of it~

Whipped Cream designed by Meenakshi Mukerji

My backgrounds may looks a little different from hereon out because I moved

So I was at Sakura Matsuri in DC today and there was a Kusudama stall. Each one sold for $25 and they’re really pretty, but they’re a bit overpriced so inwardly I was like I’m going to make these myself one day =w=

Gemini designed by David Mitchell

It’s like a closed Electra O.O

Kusudama Amaryllis designed by Miyuki Kawamura

I like this module and assembly—deceptively simple ^^