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Swirled New Kawasaki Rose designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki

This is some interesting paper—it folds like tissue, making it extremely delicate, but it also has the resilience of a paper towel.

The Magic of a Vacuum Jar

When air is drained out of a bell jar using a vacuum pump, the inside of the bell jar becomes a miniature vacuum that has some pretty interesting effects on everyday objects. 

Shaving cream and the balloon both expand in the vacuum because there is no longer any pressure inside the jar keeping the objects from expanding. When the vacuum is released, environmental pressure quickly shrinks the objects back down.

The lack of pressure can also to get water to boil at room temperature because there is no longer any force to keep the liquid held together. The molecules hence start expanding into gaseous form. It stops boiling once the vacuum is released.

Paradigma designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

"If time was never on our side, then before I die I want to burn out bright!"-Switchfoot

Coloratis designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

Because harmony paper is beautiful

Ant Lion’s Nest designed by Tomoko Fuse (90 unit, 30 unit)

I used up most of my remaining stores of blue foil for this because it holds the curls really well.

Curled Igel designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

I recently bought some translucent DAISO paper and it looks so cool when the stripes later over each other O.O

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Do you have a tutorial for this one?


here you go~

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good luck, friend. i’m sorry to hear this affects you. i’m not sure if you have anything to help treat it, but i’ve found that lotion and n over the counter hydrocoritsone cream can help make the skin less dry and irritated. i hope that helps! ._.

I go through a giant tub of moisturizer a month, and I do have some prescription lotion to help treat it. It’s just that the sores still take a while to heal, so I have to suffer for a few days before I can move my fingers normally again >.<

Thanks for the advice though!

Passiflora Ornata with Spirals designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

I had some old washi lying around and I didn’t have enough of it for a full kusudama so I just made a set of these~

You wouldn’t think that there’s a condition that makes it difficult to do origami, but there is.

I have eczema, which means my skin gets very dry and very itchy, so that when I scratch the skin literally peels off.

Recently I had a flare on my fingers so now I can’t even bend my fingers without stinging.

It sucks TT^TT